Fudan University

Ph.D course:

Advanced Microeconomics


Undergraduate Courses:



Strategy Management

Games of Strategy


MBA Courses:

Managerial Economics and Business Decisions (International MBA)

Applications of Behavioral Game Theory in Business and Investment Decisions (MBA)

Investment Analysis in the Internet Industry (MBA)

Internet Finance (EDP)

Business Model Innovation in the Internet Era (KDCC MOOC)


Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Intermediate Microecnomics, Fall 2009- Fall 2013

Game Theory and Information Economics (undergraduate), 2012-2013

Game Theory and Information Economics (MBA), 2012-2013 


University of Louisville

Econometrics, Fall 2007
Game Theory, Spring 2008
Principles of Microeconomics, Spring 2008
Economics of Information and the Internet, Fall 2008



University of California - Irvine